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Delightfully different, award winning wines

Roenfeldt Hill Wines

About Us

We are Barossans and we have a long term family heritage attachment to our land.
Roenfeldt Hill Wines

What makes us Different

Winemaking innovation is at the core of the Roenfeldt Hill vineyard and wines.
Wines Range May 2020
Wines Range May 2020

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Roenfeldt Hill Wines

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Order direct. Local South Australian outlets. Selected national & international distributors.

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South Australia's vineyards have enjoyed better than average spring rainfall, boding well for these baby grapes to fill over coming weeks.


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A great wine to enjoy on a balmy evening..sitting under the veranda.
Is this the cheekiest review ever?
@verandawines #roenfeldthillwines

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Tagged "a marriage made in heaven." Lamb shanks and our 2015 Greenock Basket Press Shiraz.
Many thanks @


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wayne_elson Big thanks for sending us your range! These wines look amazing and we can’t wait to try🍷 Hope everyone’s had a fantastic long weekend! Look out for tasting notes friends👍❣️☺️ ...

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Q. What do you get when you cross a Viognier with a Riesling?

A. Riognier or, to be more precise, Grand Riognier.

In 2017, Wayne Elson, winemaker at Roenfeldt Hill in the Barossa Valley experimented with co-fermenting a 50/50 blend of Riesling, sourced from Eden Valley, and Viognier from the Barossa Valley.

He was so pleased with the results that he released his first commercial vintage of this wine in 2018.

Wayne believes that this is the only Riognier in Australia and possibly the only such blend in the world.

So – how does it taste?

The wine has an inviting light gold colour and a nose of subtle lemon notes accompanied by honey and cream.

The palate is truly fascinating with the Viognier tenor harmonizing delightfully with the Riesling soprano.

A mildly oily mouth feel introduces layers of lime marmalade, grapefruit, white peach, honey and some wet-stone minerality.

The acidity is total controlled as is the alcohol at 12.5% ABV.

This Grand Riognier is so easy to drink that, after the last drops are squeezed out of the bottle, you sigh thinking “I should have ordered 2 bottles or even half a dozen” and, at $20 a bottle, there is no reason why you shouldn’t.

This blend of Viognier and Riesling will make this wine a top choice for pairing with a wide range of white meats and fish dishes.

Two final thoughts.

1 This is a fun wine for the Joker in the pack at blind wine tastings with friends. Good palates will detect the Viognier but where to from there?

2 It will be no surprise that, at AWESOMME, we love good portmanteaux (awesome + sommelier).
Riognier is a very clever portmanteau (Riesling + Viognier).


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