IMG_0274The Barossa is a wonderful place to visit, all year round. There is a lot of new and surprise to be enjoyed in the Barossa, yet the panorama, historical establishments, tradition, iconic vineyards and the glorious wines are still the Barossa essence, and why it is attractive for tourists. Its become a ‘foodies paradise’ too, now offering a host of wondeful restaurants and cafes.
Few would know that the Barossa arguably has the oldest commercial vineyards in the world, due to the Phylloxera pest which wiped out the old-world vineyards of Europe, and many in the United States, last century. Visitors can see and touch them…..national treasures, alongside Langmeil winery, Seppeltsfield and in the Kalimna areas. Of course these oldest of vines have fallen away in production, the small quantity of grapes they produce having berries with super-intense flavours and colour, and are eagerly sought after by winemakers.
Then there is the new. Visitors (by appointment) are welcome at Roenfeldt Hill to see the Corkscrew Grenache block we have nurtured over 10 years. Its an innovative vine training system with previously unknown grape quality benefits, a system that uses the principles of how the ancient Romans of Pompeii trained their vines, vertically and into a spiral or corkscrew shape. They are amazing to see. In season, you can even taste the scintillating grape flavours, often said to be the equal of many of the very old Barossa vineayrds. Read more about the Corkscrew vine training system on our Home page and Corkscrew Method page.
If an informative, no cost, behind the scenes viticultural experience is something you would like to include in your Barossa tour, give us a call. Our hillside panoramic views over the Barossa are something to behold too.
Private groups, limousines and mini buses welcome. Call us for an appointment.
 We have linkages with a number of Barossa tour companies. Amongst Wayne’s many interests and pursuits is tourism. He is an experienced a tour leader, loving every minute of the tours he takes to the wine regions of SA. He works closely with Vin’s Buses and Adelaide Minibus, so he would be happy to help you with a booking, and of course, add his personal touch to a day out taking in this, the most famous and diverse wine region of Australia. Call him on 0401728804.

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