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DSCN6877 comp croppedAlinta rose –  Our very first commercial wine, in fitting with our theme of ‘delightfully different’. Launched in September 2012 this is surely  Australia’s first rose produced from 50% Grenache and 50% Zinfandel. Also likely the world’s first co-fermented wine from those varieties.
Originally available in a semi dry (Alinta) and a fully dry version (Alinta Dry), (BOTH SOLD OUT), there was not enough fruit available in the 2013 vintage to make two versions. The 2013 Alinta Semi- Dry is a superbly blanced wine with much up-front fruitiness and a crisp, zesty finish. It was picked a little earlier which has reduced the alcohol content and boosted acidity a little. We are very proud of it!
DSCN6861 compHand picked, the Grenache grapes are from our renowned Corkscrew Grenache block we have nurtured for 10 years, training the vines spirally up onto stakes – similar to a system used by the ancient Romans of biblical times.
Savoury spice yet also uniquely fruity, it is a new and exciting style – with a touch of tannin and definitely no syrupy, oversweetness. Some people are awestruck when tasting this wine for the first time – it is just so different, a style of its own. It has a lot of ‘wow factor’ they say, and this is where we need to be in our drive to be ‘delightfully different’.
Serve chilled with a wide variety of foods – its amazing at a barbq with steak, lamb and sausages, or with pasta, pizza and a cheese platter.
Alinta is indigenous Australian for fire/flame, and is an eastern European synonym for ‘caress’
A limited release of our very first red wine, our Gold Medal ZSGM was lunched in July 2013.


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