Bali’s number one fine dining restuarant

IMG_0919 IMG_0901Something one doesn’t normally associate with Bali is the fine dining scene. Indonesia is destined to become one of the top seven economies of the world within a few years, and with that will be strong growth of the educated, the business community and people with a discerning taste for things good in food and beverages.  This we found is very much the case already at Bali’s number one restaurant for 2012/2013, Ku De Ta at Saminyak, about a half hour up the coast from the main beaches of Kuta. OK, you can get a really good feed at popular local eateries and bars for $6, and you nee a lot more Rp/AUD with you…more like $50pp at this restaurant, but rice and noodle dishes can get to be a bit boring after awhile. Ku De Ta offers a multi-national taste sensation, with classy dishes enjoyed in softly lit, luxurious surrounds, private cushion-filled bed style enclosures overlooking the beach, complimented by the sound of the floodlit surf, a cooling night breeze and deep base DJ driven music pumping……. what an atmosphere! And the food?…Simply amazing! Almost as good as some of the best restaurants of the Barossa, Gawler and Adelaide! LOL

DSCN6877 comp croppedWe just happened to have a bottle of each of our Alinta and the gold Medal ZSGM wines with us. We now wish it could have been several cases of each……the Italian sommelier and restaurant manager Juri Menicucci, was astounded by the delightfully different flavours and ‘un-Australian’ like style we (and our vines) have created. Being of Italian background, he was obviously proud when we showed him the origins of our Corkscrew Method of vine training were in Old Pompeii. Did he enjoy the wines? Let’s just say we sat back and allowed the wines to speak for themselves. He admirably compared them with the very best of the ‘old’ world and congratulated us for “the wonderful balance and elegance, not often found in Australian wines.”



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