Georges on waymouth – another prestige client for Roenfeldt Hill

Now in their 13th year,¬†George & Voula Kasimatis run one of our state’s most iconic and award winning restaurants, Georges on Waymouth St. The food is described by many food and wine writers as “just fantastic” George's on Waymouth - July 2012

The prime minister, Julia Gillard was there for lunch recently, and the likes of cricket’s Ian Bothan always dine there when in Adelaide. georges 1

Only the very best wines get a geurnsey at Georges, and after a tasting with George and his staff last week, Roenfeldt Hill’s ‘delightfully different’ Alinta and Alinta DRY roses are now stocked, to be matched with a range of dishes over the balmy days of autumn in Adelaide.

Alinta rose bottled May 2012

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