Zetor ZSGM 2015Brochure Cellar Door 2015 pdfRoenfeldt Hill…a north-west Barossa Valley (Greenock/Moppa region -South Australia) vineyard and emerging wines enterprise, passionately tendered by the Elson family.
A heritage property, owned by descendants of one of the first 100 families to settle in the Barossa Valley from Silesia (Germany) in 1849. IMG_0753 comp
Gently sloping, our vineyard is on the eastern side of the range between Greenock and Nuriootpa, 350 metres above sea level, this being ideal for premium grapegrowing. And we have panoramic views over a large part of the Barossa.
The Greenock Creek is a short distance away, as is Roennfeldt Road and Moppa, the area renowned for its iconic vineyards, the vines growing on red and sandy-grey loam over red clay and schist, with much ironstone gravel. Ours are the oldest soils of any wine region in the world.
The decomposing ironstone outcrops are remnants of an ancient laterite deposit of more than 200 million years ago – gradually breaking down through the action of water and air.
The soils tend to be slightly saline and acidic, which retards vine root development and vigour, a big plus for growing low production-premium quality grapes, especially reds.
The flavours and deep colour of the grape berries are from a combination of soil type, climate, canopy management and bunch volume management. Those flavours are quite unique to the north western appellation of the Barossa.
This is the home and birth place of the renowned Corkscrew Vine Training System, better known as the Corkscrew Method. Here, innovation is uniquely blended with tradition.
We proudly state our vineyard and wines are  ‘delightfully different’.
We now have 7 wines in our range. Click here to download our brochure Brochure Cellar Door 2015 pdf
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